About ETS

Program Overview

The Education and Training Services (ETS) Section supports the Division of Family and Children Services mission and goals by developing and maintaining a stable, competent and professional workforce, which is critical to strengthening families and achieving division outcomes related to safety, permanency and well being of children and families. The section offers programs and services in three major areas: training, educational opportunities and retention strategies that target both the professional development of staff and improvements to the system’s infrastructure. The section develops curriculum, coordinates, implements, and evaluates new and veteran worker training, and develops retention initiatives for staff at all levels in both Social Services (SS) and the Office of Family Independence (OFI).

The Education and Training Services Section consists of closely interrelated units that work as a team, involving practitioners and other partners collaboratively, in order to achieve the outcomes of the section.

Office of Family Independence

The development of a competent, quality workforce is an ongoing process.  It begins with the selection of individuals who have an aptitude for the job and continues through the orientation process of new worker training and ongoing training throughout one’s career.

In the Office of Family Independence (OFI), our ultimate purpose is to help applicant and recipient families to become self-sufficient, able to support themselves financially apart from having to rely on government assistance, and able to make their own decisions and to accept responsibility for the decisions they make. 

We believe that dependence on government assistance is not good enough for any family.  Consequently, the goals of the programs for which OFI is responsible are that the families that come to us for help will become self-sufficient and not continue to need our help. 

We are all responsible for acting as the change agents who can help the families that come to us for help achieve the goals we’ve established for our assistance programs.  Therefore, OFI training is focused not only on making sure that our staff know the right policies and procedures to follow, but that they do the right work in the right way.

We want all able-bodied adults to become gainfully employed, earning a living wage and receiving from us the necessary support services for themselves and their families.  When given specific opportunities and knowledge, we believe that most individuals are able to make the right choices that will support their well-being and the well-being of their families.  OFI training equips our staff to be able to provide our clients with the knowledge and assistance they need in order to make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

In order to meet the goals OFI has established for itself and for Georgia’s families, our training program is dynamic and ever-changing, guided by the principles of ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement.

Our vision for Georgia’s families is that they will be strengthened, living in safe, stable and nurturing communities.  We support this vision and make it possible by equipping our staff so that they are able to engage and educate our clients, providing them with the correct benefits and highest quality services in a timely manner.

Social Services Staff Development Unit

Social Services Staff Development Unit is responsible for all new Social Services Case Management Training. Trainers have extensive history in Social Services here in Georgia in Case Management, Supervision, Program Administration, E&R, Special Investigations, Resource Development, Adoptions and Training.

Courses trained include all courses required for case management certification in Adoption, CPS, and Foster Care.  Keys to Child Welfare, CPS Policy Practice and Procedure, Foster Care Track and Documentation are a few examples.

The Staff Development Unit travels the State to provide training on an as needed basis to all one hundred and fifty nine counties in Georgia.