DFCS Issues Quarterly Child Death Analysis

April 15, 2013

ATLANTA – Today, the Department published its second Quarterly Child Death Analysis. The analysis updates child death statistics through the 4th quarter of 2012. The quarterly data provides insight into the circumstances surrounding a child’s death for children whose families have been provided support services within the last five years.

DFCS continues to implement pro-active measures to help educate the public and stakeholders regarding child deaths and serious injuries. Pro-active measures include:

  • Multi-agency public awareness campaigns regarding safe sleep awareness, water safety, and car seat safety.

  • Ongoing education and outreach at DFCS Child Safety Summits on preventing unintentional child deaths and serious injuries.

  • 24-Hour staffing of child death cases with alleged maltreatment and DFCS history. Staffings help identify trends in child fatalities which advance practice and policy and further train staff to respond thoroughly and appropriately to all reports of child maltreatment.

To access all current and past DHS public education materials, including the DFCS Quarterly Child Death Analysis, visit: http://dhs.georgia.gov/protecting-georgias-most-precious-asset.

Contact Information: 
Ravae Graham: 404-657-1384