Cagle mandates overtime for food stamp caseworkers to improve service to clients

November 14, 2014
Interim Director of the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS), Bobby Cagle, on Friday, implemented a strategy aimed at ensuring food stamp clients receive their benefits in a timely manner. 
Effective Monday, Nov. 17, DFCS case managers and supervisors working with food stamp clients will be required to work eight hours per week of overtime, excluding the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
Cagle’s call for mandatory overtime seeks to address any food stamp applications that have been pending longer than the agency’s standard of processing and prevent any future issues for clients seeking benefits when the agency switches to a new phone system in December. 
"This is a proactive strategy to ensure our customers will have access to the benefits to which they are eligible," said Cagle. "We also want to be sure we are in the best possible position to train and transition our staff to our new call center platform." 
In December, DFCS will move to a new call center platform that will improve service to clients calling the Georgia One communication line. The line serves clients seeking an interview that is integral to an eligibility decision or who need to provide information about a change in financial status that may impact eligibility for benefits. 
The new technology, hosted by NexxPhase, will improve the customer experience by eliminating call "throttling," or calls disconnected due to a lack of capacity on the line. The new system will also allow customers to schedule a return call in times of high call volume. 
The overtime strategy will be used through the end of the year. Staff will not be expected to work overtime on holiday weeks. 
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