EPAC Education Specialists (Tutors)

Tutoring is both and honor and a responsibility, and the expectations are that each contractor (Education Specialist) will accept the responsibilities of the position in a professional manner. Consistency and dependability play a critical role in the effective delivery of tutoring, all tutors participating in EPAC must adhere to the agreed upon practices and ethical guidelines spelled out in their contract.

  1. To help students in foster care gain confidence in themselves and to promote their independent learning.
  2. To respect students, including their ability levels, cultural differences, and learning styles.
  3. To arrive punctually for all appointments, both as courtesy and as an example.
  4. To maintain confidentiality, at all times, with student’s information: grades, personal problems, and placement.
  5. To communicate with your Supervisor (Education Support Monitor) when job-related concerns surface such as problems with payroll, and issues that may come up in the field. All job-related issues should be addressed with your ESM. If at any time your ESM can not resolve a problem; it is the responsibility of the ESM to consult with his or her Supervisor at the State Office.
  6. The ES is to maintain accurate records and to document each session. All accountability forms and invoices must reflect the actual time spent tutoring and/or assessment completed.
  7. All ES’s must be committed to enhancing the educational skills of students in the custody, care or oversight of Georgia DFCS.
  8. Keep the lines of communication open with all involved parties, school staff, EPAC staff and county office staff. In order to ensure an effective program and to provide support services to both you and the student.