How to Apply for EPAC

If you are a certified teacher within the state of Georgia and are interested in contracting with the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services to provide education support services to youth in care, below are the minimum qualifications:

  • Current GA Teaching Certificate (verified by Georgia Professional Standards Commission)
  • Complete a Criminal History Investigation process (background check)
  • Must have reliable transportation and a valid Georgia’s driver’s license
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Must complete the EPAC Education Specialist Application and submit all requested documents at the time of application submission
  • Must follow all application guidelines and procedures as outlined in the application packet

Scope of Services provided by the ES: 

  1. To administer an online diagnostic Math and Reading assessment to determine the initial educational needs of youth that are in DFCS custody.
  2. To provide tutoring and educational support services on a one-on-one basis to youth in foster care based on educational needs outlined in the student’s DFCS Educational Stability Plan (ESP) and/or where a need or deficit has been identified through the results from the diagnostic assessment tool and the child’s school records as prescribed by the Education Support Monitor (ESM) in collaboration with the DFCS Case Manager and/or caregiver.   
  3. To complete all reports as outlined
  4. That tutorial services will not be provided to students during normal instructional hours of school.
  5. That tutorial services will only be provided at the student’s home, foster care placement or public facility (i.e.-place of worship, community center, or public library). Prior approval by the Department is required if services are not to be provided in student’s home, foster care placement or public facility.
  6. That tutoring sessions will not exceed a maximum of two (2) hours per individual session and no more than four (4) sessions per week: including but not limited to tutoring sessions that may be conducted during the weekend hours. 
  7. To provide tutoring services during summer months at the request or approval of EPAC Program or Division leadership.
  8. To work in conjunction with the ESM, local DFCS Case Manager, care giver and appropriate educational personnel affiliated with the respective foster youth students to maintain accurate records of student’s progress. 
  9. To participate in quarterly training sessions offered throughout the term of the contract or as determined to be necessary by EPAC staff, as available and offered.

Our recruitment period starts in February for the upcoming fiscal year.  For more information regarding this opportunity, please contact your local Education Support Monitor. 

Thank you for your interest!