Advocacy and Grievance Process

The Adoptive and Foster Parent Association of Georgia (AFPAG)  provides current foster parents with advocates. Support of an advocate is detailed in the Foster Parents Bill of Rights.  An advocate can be accessed by calling the AFPAG Advocacy Hotline at 1-877-804-6610.

Filing a Grievance:

Before filing a grievance, issues should be discussed with the local county DFCS office. If the issue can’t be resolved locally, the grievance process can be started by filing Form 80 at Level One.  If no satisfactory resolution is reached, then Form 82 at Level Two can be filed, with the final step being a Level Three request made through submission of Form 84. The Foster Parent Handbook provides details on the Grievance Procedure and a list of issues that are covered in the grievance process. To assist with the grievance process, an AFPAG advocate can be contacted at 1-877-804-6610.

Form 80
Form 82
Form 84

Please note:  The current contact information for the Office of Child Advocate is different than what is on the form 84.  Please use the following information instead:

Ashley Willcott, J.D., CWLS
Director, Office of the Child Advocate
7 Martin Luther King Drive, Suite 347
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Office: 404-656-4200
Fax: 404-656-5200