Safe Harbor Commission

The Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund Commission is administratively assigned to the Division of Family & Children Services of the Department of Human Services.

The Commission may authorize the disbursement of available money from the fund for purposes of providing care, rehabilitative services, residential housing, health services, and social services, including establishing safe houses, to sexually exploited children and to a person, entity, or program eligible pursuant to criteria to be set by the commission.

The commission shall also consider disbursement of available money from the fund to a person, entity, or program devoted to awareness and prevention of becoming a sexually exploited child.

The Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund was enacted pursuant to Article III, Section IX, Paragraph VI(o) of the Georgia Constitution, which provision authorizes additional penalty assessments for violations relating to certain sexual crimes, authorizes assessments on certain businesses, and provides that the proceeds derived therefrom may be used for the purpose of meeting the costs of care and rehabilitative and social services for certain citizens of this state who have been sexually exploited.

04-16-21 Rule Change 565-1-.01 Public Notice
04-16-21 Rule Synopsis of 565-1-.01
Safe Harbor Commission Proposed Rule 565-1-.01


  • Candice L. Broce, DFCS Division Director
  • Theresa Schiefer, Georgia Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, Cobb County District Attorney’s Office
  • Dianne Scoggins, Retired Executive Director for CASA
  • April Hale, Legal Assistant to Andrew Welch
  • Judith Fouts, Founder of MarketShare Solutions
  • Irene Munn, Workforce Consultant, The Munn Firm, LLC
  • Jay Neal, Executive Director of Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)
  • Grant Thomas, Deputy Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Health