Federal Regulations and Data

The purpose of the Federal Regulations and Data (FRD) Section is to support those programs that fall under the purview of the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) by providing:

  1. Data analysis and reporting, 
  2. Review and evaluation of programs and processes, and
  3. Oversight and measurement toward accountability efforts. 

The principal function of the FRD Section is to guide DFCS in the evaluation of practices that lead to improved outcomes for Georgia’s families. This principal function is achieved through the: 

  1. Comprehensive collection of data via the SHINES tool; 
  2. Assessment of the quality, integrity, and accuracy of collected data; 
  3. Analysis of data; 
  4. and The evaluation of data which ultimately informs decision making at all levels. 

The paradigm of the FRD Section is informed by the following tenets: 

Data accuracy and integrity, 

  1. Quality, 
  2. Timeliness, 
  3. Relevance, 
  4. Responsiveness, 
  5. Objectivity, and 
  6. Innovation. 

The FRD Section serves both internal and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders include the Commissioner’s Office of the Georgia Department of Human Services, agency directors, Field Operations, and support services. External customers include state and federal agencies (such as the Georgia Governor’s Office for Children and Families and the federal Administration for Children and Families), legislators, research centers and universities, and members of the constituency. 

The mission of the FRD Section is to produce quality data and analyses that are subsequently used to inform decision making and drive systemic change. 

The FRD Section is comprised of the following units: 

  • Data Analysis:
    • Child Welfare 
    • Family Independence 
  • Accountability, Research, and Evaluation 
  • Office of Quality Management 
  • Data Integrity

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