The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and Fox 5 Atlanta partner to sponsor Wednesday’s Child, an award-winning program and a national campaign with a proven track record of success aimed at increasing the number of adoptions of children in foster care.  Featured children are usually past the age of eight (8), sibling groups and/or children with special needs who have been in the foster care system for some time and would love to be adopted into a forever family.  


Meet the Children

Georgia’s Adoption Photolisting website, It’s My Turn Now Georgia, features children who are looking for caring forever families to help make their dreams come true. To learn more about children who are available for adoption in the State of Georgia, click here.

To speak with someone about becoming a foster or adoptive parent
Contact the foster care and adoption recruitment intake line at 1-877-210-KIDS (5437) or click here to complete Foster Georgia’s Inquiry Form


Wednesday's Child (WC) is Georgia's partnership with WAGA Fox 5 TV - Atlanta and the Georgia Division of Family & Children Services Permanency Unit. An award-winning program with a proven track record of success, is a national campaign to increase the number of adoptions of children in foster care. The children featured on Wednesday’s Child are those in the most urgent need of a home. Many of these children are over the age of eight and have been in the foster care system for some time and desperately need a permanent place to call home.

Weekly Feature: Kentrayvious, Alvin and Allissa

Wednesday's Children Kentrayvious, Alvin and Allissa

Kentrayvious, Alvin and Allissa are close African American siblings who get along well with other kids and love to learn new things, meet new people and watch cartoons. Kentrayvious, born in 2008, is a smart and helpful boy who loves to play video games and hang out with his friends. He also enjoys playing with his phone and tablet, playing football and basketball, and watching action movies and sports. The Atlanta Falcons are his favorite team. At school, where Kentrayvious earns good grades and is well-behaved, his favorite subject is math. Alvin, born in 2014, is a smart and friendly boy who loves to play with blocks and LEGOs with his siblings. He also enjoys playing in the sun, building things, watching Disney movies, and playing and watching football. Like his brother, Alvin’s favorite team is the Falcons and his favorite subject at school is math. Allissa, born in 2015, is a smart, compassionate and well-behaved girl who enjoys reading, cheerleading, getting her nails painted, playing with Barbie dolls, shopping, and riding bikes with her brothers. Kentrayvious, Alvin and Allissa need a loving adoptive family who will provide them with the attention, support, encouragement, structure and nurturing environment they need to continue to thrive. Their family will also need to support their desire to maintain their relationships with their older brother who has been planned for separately.

Learn more about Kentrayvious, Alvin and Allissa by visiting the Wednesday's Child website.