Obtaining a criminal records check


  1. Before you can register applicants for fingerprinting, you must enroll and obtain a GAP/GAC number.
  2. If you already have a GAP/GAC number, proceed to Step 1 below.
  3. If you do not have a GAP/GAC number, go to https://www.aps.gemalto.com/ga/index.htm
  4. Click on “Become a Requesting Agency.”
  5. Answer the following question: “Are you contracted through a government agency?”
    1. Select “Yes” and proceed to Step 6 below.
  6. An Agency Contact Verification Form appears, and all fields highlighted in yellow must be completed.
    1. An Agency ID number is self-populated – this is your Requesting Agency GAC number. DO NOT change this number as this will be the GAC number you will use for future fingerprint registrations.
    2. The Reviewing Agency should be set to GA920280Z – DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES.
  7. Complete the necessary fields and click “Continue.”
  8. Answer the following question: “Would you like to have an Agency Pay account with Gemalto Cogent?”
    1. If your agency will be paying for your applicant’s background checks, then select “Yes” and proceed to Step 9 below.
    2. If your applicants will be paying for their own background checks, then select “No” and proceed to Step 10 below.
  9. Select the agency pay type as “Escrow Account” and click “Save.” Instructions on funding the escrow account will be sent by Gemalto via email to the email address provided in Step 7.
  10. When completed with all screens you will be asked to print and submit the completed form by fax or email to GCIC Applicant Services at 404-270-8417 or [email protected]. Contact 404-244-2639, option 2 for assistance.

Applicant Registration and Fingerprinting Process using GAPS

Live Scan fingerprinting is the electronic Georgia Applicant Processing Service (GAPS) managed by Gemalto. Your fingerprints will be scanned electronically. You DO NOT need inked fingerprint cards.

REGISTER within GAPS before you visit a fingerprinting location:

STEP 1 Visit the GAPS website at https://www.aps.gemalto.com/ga/index.htm.

STEP 2 Select the APPLICANT REGISTRATION tab at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 3 Select the Department of Human Services (DHS) tab.

STEP 4 Select the Contractors tab.

STEP 5 Non-Criminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy Rights – read and accept the terms, check the box at the bottom of the page, print the document, and press continue Note: If an agency is registering on behalf of an applicant, the agency must provide a copy of the privacy rights to the applicant.


STEP 6 REVIEWING AGENCY ID: GA920280Z the Reviewing Agency ORI number is pre-populated. DO NOT change this number.

STEP 7 REQUESTING AGENCY ID (GAC#): Your potential employer should provide the GAP/GAC number, enter it into this field. Although this field is not required, it is very important you enter your agency’s GAP/GAC number to ensure the proper processing of your fingerprint results.

STEP 8 REASON FOR FINGERPRINTING: In the drop-down menu for REASON, select the appropriate reason for being fingerprinted.

NOTE: Failure to select the correct REQUESTING AGENCY, REVIEWING AGENCY, and REASON from the drop-down menu will cause your fingerprint submission to be rejected.

STEP 9 POSITION APPLIED FOR: Enter the title of the position that you are applying for.

STEP 10 PAYMENT: In the drop-down menu for Payment, select one of the following choices:

  • Credit Card
  • Agency *This option can only be selected if the employer has established a Billing Account with Gemalto and provided you with the appropriate billing codes and password
  • Payment by cash or personal check WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


STEP 11 Fill in the required PERSONAL INFORMATION

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Social Security Number – Although this is not required, it is strongly recommended that this field be completed to ensure an accurate search can be made, if needed
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex, Eye Color, Height, Weight, Race, and Hair Color
  • Place of Birth
  • Country of Citizenship – Select correct country
  • Driver’s License State – Select correct state
  • Driver’s License Number – Enter ONLY numbers if you have a Georgia Driver’s License, for all other states enter exactly as shown on the Driver’s License


STEP 12 Fill in the required ADDRESS INFORMATION

  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

STEP 13 EMAIL ADDRESS: The applicant’s email address must be entered.

STEP 14 PHONE NUMBER: The applicant’s phone number must be entered.

STEP 15 Review and verify your TRANSACTION, PERSONAL, and ADDRESS INFORMATION for accuracy.

Remember – The Georgia applicants and agencies that use GAPS are responsible for registering properly prior to fingerprinting. Errors in fingerprint results due to improper registration are the responsibility of the users.

STEP 16 Click the continue button to advance to the next section.

STEP 17 Print your REGISTRATION RECEIPT. Bring a copy of your receipt to the fingerprinting site and keep a copy for your records. This will also be sent via email

Reminder-Do not proceed to a print site until you receive an approval confirmation email from GAPS.

STEP 18 Provide your GAPS Registration ID Number to your potential employer so that they may be able to retrieve your results.

Records Check Verification Form (Completed by Employer):

Employers must complete the Records Check Application for each GAPS Registration before the individual will be able to submit fingerprints. This form can be obtained at the following link: https://idhs.dhs.ga.gov/Home/RecordsCheck. The form is also accessible by choosing “Records Check Application” on the IDHS homepage. The information included within this form will be used to issue an approval once DHS receives a pending registration within GAPS.



On the home page select the FIND A FINGERPRINT LOCATION link.

  • Click on the numbered region nearest you.
  • Click on the underlined company name to get phone numbers and hours of operation.
  • On the day of your fingerprinting, contact the site you plan to visit and confirm the hours they do fingerprinting and that a trained individual is going to be available.
  • The results of the criminal background check will be made available to DHS via a secure web server within 48 hours after fingerprinting at the GAPS print location. You may contact DHS to verify the results have been received.

Gather the following documents:

  • Registration receipt listing your registration confirmation number and your valid and unexpired picture identification document.

Visit the Fingerprint Location you chose and electronically scan your fingerprints.

Gemalto and GBI cannot provide a status of the fitness determination

Note: If a site is no longer providing fingerprint services, please send an email to [email protected] and provide the Print Location’s name, address and phone number if available and the date the applicant was told the location is no longer providing the service.

Note: Your results will be transferred to the agency electronically for review.


Gemalto requires current, valid, and unexpired picture identification documents. As a primary form of picture identification one of the following will be accepted at the GAPS Print Site Locations:

Primary Documents:

  • State issued driver’s license with photograph.
  • State issued identification card with photograph.
  • U.S. passport with photograph.
  • U.S. active duty/retiree/reservist military identification card (000 10-2) with photograph.

Government issued employee identification card with photograph (includes federal, state, county, city, etc.).

  • Tribal identification card with photograph.

However, in the absence of one of the above Primary Documents, applicants may provide one or more of the following Secondary Documents, along with two of the supporting documents listed below:

Secondary Documents:

  • State government issued certificate of birth.
  • Social security card.
  • Certificate of citizenship (N560).
  • Certificate of naturalization (N550).
  • INS I-551 Resident alien card issued since 1997.
  • INS 1-688 Temporary resident identification card.
  • INS1-688B, I-766 Employment authorization card.

Secondary Documentation must be supported by at least two of the following:

  • Utility bill (with your current address).
  • Voter registration card.
  • Vehicle registration card.
  • Paycheck stub with your name/address.
  • Cancelled check/bank statement.

DHS will make the fitness determination on the applicant and send out a fitness clearance letter within 15 business days to your agency/business. If you do not receive the fitness clearance letter within 15 business days, you may contact BIU/DHS at (404) 985-1301 or email [email protected].


Georgia Department of Human Services
Office of Inspector General
Attn: Background Investigations Unit
47 Trinity Ave. S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30334