ATLANTA-Working in partnership with the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS), Georgia State University (GSU) and four other schools of social work are offering financial support for students committed to careers in child welfare services.

DFCS will restart the Title IV-E Child Welfare Program (IV-E program) in collaboration with GSU after a four-year hiatus. The program is aimed at developing and retaining an educated, professional and stable workforce for DFCS. The program funds tuition, fees, books andmileage  for social work students selected through a competitive application process and for current employees of DFCS who wish to enhance their skills and training by pursuing a social work degree.

In exchange, recipients must complete an internship with DFCS and work for DFCS for one calendar year for each academic year they received IV-E funding.

“This program  will help ensure that we are able to attract a high-caliber workforce that is prepared upon college graduation to effectively and professionally deliver social services to Georgia’s children and families,” said DFCS Director Bobby Cagle. “Additionally, this is an avenue for current employees to re-energize and enhance their skills in order to pursue opportunities for advancement, which should result in a reduction in staff turnover.”  

Georgia State is one of five universities in Georgia that have met requirements to receive IV-E funding. The other institutions are Albany State University, Savannah State University, University of Georgia and Valdosta State University. Several other universities are considering participation in 2016.

The program currently has approximately 60 students enrolled. Students interested in the program are encouraged to begin the application process now for Fall 2016 admission. 

To apply, students must first be accepted into a participating university’s School of Social Work and then go through a screening and interview process. Information on how to apply can be found at