ATLANTA —  More than 1,000 Georgia children were adopted during the last year, but about 400 children in the state are still waiting on a permanent, loving home of their own. Successful adoptions and the need for more adoptive families are being highlighted by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) during November, which is officially designated by presidential proclamation as National Adoption Month. 

“This month is dedicated to making communities aware of the children in Georgia who are looking for a forever home and celebrating the everyday heroes who have adopted children this year,” said DFCS Director Bobby Cagle, who was adopted around the age of 1. “I know firsthand the importance of belonging to a family full of love and support, and I want that for all of our children.”

Earlier this year, Cagle launched an initiative called “There’s No Place Like Home” that directed resources toward resolving the barriers that were preventing the finalization of pending adoptions. The pending adoptions were ones that lacked an administrative task or resolution in order to be finalized.

Throughout the month, DFCS will be recognizing the families who adopted this year. Many of those adopted older youth and/or sibling groups.

“We want to express our appreciation to all who brought a child into their hearts and into their homes,” said Cagle.

The Division also will continue to spotlight the many children who are awaiting adoption. To learn more about these children, visit