ATLANTA –– Inclusivv, a platform enabling top brands, communities and individuals to ignite change through structured conversation, announced its new partnership with the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). This partnership will commence in a conversation series dedicated to delivering equitable, actionable solutions to preventing abuse and neglect in coordination with Georgia’s Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Plan (CANPP). The series is titled, “A Vision for Child & Family Well-Being.”

“Everyone has a role to play in creating a nurturing community where children and families thrive,” said Jenn Graham, CEO of Inclusivv. “That’s why we’re so excited about this six-part series developed with DFCS to make this crucial topic more relatable, personal and actionable. We’re inviting everyone to join in conversation, not just parents and caregivers, but all community members including employers, civic leaders, faith leaders and everyday neighbors.”

“I would like to thank Inclusivv for working with us to put together this conversation series,” said Candice L. Broce, Georgia DFCS Director. “I am excited to see its impact over the next eight years as we encourage more Georgians to take an active role in ongoing conversations to promote child and family well-being in all parts of our state.”

This series, written by a combined team of Inclusivv conversation designers and child welfare professionals, focuses on childhood well-being. It includes six unique, community-focused conversation topics around six objectives set within by DFCS, including:

  • The Big Picture of Child Well-Being
  • Early Learning for Lifelong Success
  • Building Resilience for Brighter Futures
  • Family Health and Child Well-Being
  • Economic Opportunities for Promising Futures
  • Advocating for Family and Child Well-Being

Sessions are free to the Georgia public and available both online and in-person. Additionally, organizations like private companies, schools, libraries and more can sign up to host conversations on individual topics, facilitating important discussions on childhood well-being in their communities. For example, Georgia Public Broadcasting will host all six conversations on a monthly basis.

Inclusivv and DFCS have partnered before to bring meaningful conversations into community spaces all across Georgia. Past conversations discussed the vision for creating a more nurturing community and helped gather the critical insights, ideas and that informed the 10 year plan for preventing child abuse and neglect. Now with the new plan, conversations have been designed to bring the plan to life, and allow everyone to play a role.

“We were first introduced to Inclusivv six years ago while looking for someone to run a campaign around child abuse prevention,” said Deborah Chosewood, the Deputy Director of Prevention and Community Support at DFCS. “Together, we developed a structured conversation centered around nurturing communities. Given the success of previous events, we’re ready to expand our partnership and continue fostering these conversations.”

“Both Inclusivv and DFCS believe that all individuals have the power to contribute directly to childhood well-being in their community,” said Graham. “As the adage says, ‘It takes a village.’ Responsibility for children extends beyond immediate parents. This series offers an opportunity for participants to understand the influence of socioeconomic and community factors on assessing a child’s wellness.”

Chosewood said, “During COVID, we were all stressed at home. Every time I felt overwhelmed or craved social connection, I looked on social media and found an online Inclusivv conversation to join. Inclusivv recognized the pulse of the country and immediately created a forum in which we could discuss issues causing distress and tension. Participating in these conversations brought me comfort and helped regenerate some of my optimism. We’re looking forward to utilizing their platform once again here at DFCS.”

For more information about Inclusivv and how to join one of the company’s conversations, visit To host or attend a DFCS conversation or become a partner, visit For more information about how DFCS has been helping Georgians take an active role in the state’s Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Plan, visit


About Inclusivv

Inclusivv makes it easy for top brands, communities, and individuals to ignite change through guided conversations. We provide the tools needed to navigate challenging and important topics with confidence, including structured questions, facilitator guides, and action plans. Our customers never walk into a conversation without knowing exactly what to say, how to lead, and how to end with hope, empathy and action. We believe that lifting up every voice is the only way to co-create a more inclusive and sustainable world.

About Georgia DFCS

DFCS administers foster care for children removed from their homes for their protection when they have been subjected to abuse and neglect. It is responsible for the investigation of reports of child abuse; recruitment of foster homes for abused and neglected children; issuance of SNAP, Medicaid, TANF, and childcare assistance to low-income families; assistance for out-of-work parents to help them get back on their feet, as well as multiple support services and programs to help families in need.    

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