Respite Care

Respite For Medically Fragile Adoptive Children - This program will only serve children that currently receive ongoing adoption assistance benefits and are deemed medically fragile by a licensed medical provider. These children must meet one of the following criteria:

Program Criteria

The child has one or more of the following: 

  •  A condition that requires dependence upon durable medical equipment (to include, but not limited to, wheelchairs, walkers, etc…). 
  •  A condition that requires dependence upon medical support equipment (to include, but not limited to, a respirator, feeding pump, suction machine, oxygen, etc…) 
  •  A life-threatening, acute/chronic infectious disease, acute/chronic noninfectious disease requiring respiratory or other precautions (excluding normal childhood diseases) 
  •  A terminal illness 
  •  A condition that requires ongoing administration of intravenous medication or a feeding tube for nutritional support (G tube, etc.) 
  •  A condition that requires intensive rehabilitation and/or developmental disability services.


Each Family if approved would receive up to 5 hours per month at the rate of $6.00 per hour for the first child and $2.00 per hour for siblings.

The approval time frame will be for 1 year from approval date.

This service will only be available for children that were placed on adoptive status while in the permanent custody of DFCS or transferred to a relative/individual for the purpose of adoption from DFCS custody.

This service is available until age 18.

For families in need of respite care please contact the Georgia Center for Resources and Support for Adoptive & Foster Families at or 1-866-272-7368

In addition, many private organizations offer a variety of respite options. See the ARCH National Respite Network Respite Locator Service, search by state to locate Georgia’s respite