Support Services Program

Enrollment for all Support Services programs to include CCFA/WA will be handled through a competitive bid for the next fiscal year (FY2016).  You will need to go to the Team Georgia Marketplace located at to register.  Register with the codes listed below that reflect the type of services that are handled under these programs. For the purpose of this bid recommended NIGP Codes could include, but not limited to the following:
95207- Alcohol and Drug Screening
95243-Family & Social Services
95285-Support Services
95215-Case Management
If you are not registered, you will not be notified when the bid announcement for Support Services contracts is posted.   

Statistics indicate children entering foster care are at increased risk of developmental delays and disabilities due to a variety of factors. Sadly, they often also suffer emotional distress due to the trauma of being removed from their home. To assist in identifying the best possible placement and the most needed services, a comprehensive assessment of the child and family is needed. A sound assessment and well-developed plan, coupled with the cooperation of the family and support services can have a positive, life changing impact if problems are correctly identified and early treatment interventions are implemented.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services Foster Care Program previously designed the First Placement/Best Placement (FPBP) assessment procedures and standards that are now known as the Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment (CCFA). CCFA is a public/private strategy developed with the goal of improving the well-being, permanency and safety outcomes for children in foster care by providing comprehensive assessments. The CCFA is the foundation for case planning decisions and for making recommendations to the juvenile court. The CCFA provides children and families with the opportunity to receive appropriate services and to have more successful outcomes

Wrap-Around (WA) Services provide critical support to families when they are in crisis and when children are most vulnerable to an unsafe environment or circumstances. WA services are intended to promote safe/stable families and facilitate early reunification and/or permanency for children in care. As children enter care, the need for WA services should be determined as part of the CCFA.

  • Parent Aide - The goal of the Parent Aide Program is to stabilize and help families in need of intervention by providing in-home and group parenting education and referring these families to community based resources. These services can last up to 180 days. Parent Aide services are a paraprofessional family support and prevention program available to any family with an open Family Preservation, Permanency, or Adoption Child Welfare case.  These services are not designed to address issues that require clinical intervention. 
  • Early Intervention - The goal of the Early Intervention Program is to provide preventive support services to families that have some indicators of problematic family functioning which are not significant enough for Child Protective Services intervention or when the risk of future maltreatment is assessed as “low.” Early Intervention is a short term program that can last up to 10 weeks.  Its services engage paraprofessional staff to provide parenting education and support to families through group classes, in-home visitation and provide information about community services.  These services are designed to strengthen vulnerable families and prevent child abuse and neglect. 
  • Homestead - The goal of the Homestead Program is to help stabilize families in need of intensive therapeutic intervention and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the family.  The Homestead Program provides intensive, crisis-oriented, in-home counseling services that can last up to 180 days to meet the immediate/crisis-oriented needs of families while assessing the underlying causes of the family’s dysfunction.  These services are available to families with an open Family Preservation, Permanency, or Adoption Child Welfare case.  
  • Prevention of Unnecessary Placement (PUP) - The goal of the PUP Program is to reduce risk factors contributing to child maltreatment to ensure protection and safety of children.  The PUP Program offers an array of support and intervention services.  Through PUP, assessments and counseling may be obtained through vendors who have the necessary skills and training to address medical or mental health needs.  PUP may also be used to help a family through a financial crisis with emergency rent, utilities or child care.  These services are available to families with an open Investigation, Family Support, Family Preservation, Permanency or Adoption Child Welfare case.  


To work in unison with CCFA/WA providers to provide quality services which positively influence the families and children we serve.

CCFA Goals

Improve service outcomes for children and families; ensure appropriate placement; provide stability and expedite permanency for children in care.


Reduce the number of moves and placements of children in out-of-home care; increase family foster care resources; decrease the length of stay in placement through the provision of quality supportive services.

Please check this website often for : 

  • updated policies and forms 
  • open enrollment and re-enrollment information for providers 
  • a current list of all approved providers

Qualifications for a Successful CCFA/WA Provider

Approved Providers


This is a list of licensed providers who are approved to complete the State of Georgia’s Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment (CCFA) and provide wrap around services.

The services provision categories are:

  • CCFA/Wrap-Around Services
  • CCFA Only
  • WRAP Only

Approved Providers on this list are approved to provide services under the Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment program including family assessments, wrap around services and adolescent assessments.

Counties and providers may contact any agency/ individual on this list.  Counties are required to review this list as it represents all providers who have entered into a contractual agreement with the State of Georgia Department of Human Service.  Providers may serve various counties in a geographical area. When seeking a provider, scroll down this list in its entirety.

Vendors that need to make corrections or updates may do so by sending an e-mail to your Compliance Specialist. Their contact information is listed in the “Contact Us” section of the CCFA information.


Support Services Enrollment for FY-15 is closed for this year and we are no longer accepting application packages. Please continue to visit our website for updates and additional information. 


Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment & Wrap-Around Services




Training Opportunities for Approved Providers

PLEASE NOTE: Back to Basics & Advance Skills training are under revision and are not be available until further notice. Approved provider staff additions will continue temporarily with the exception to these training requirements.


Back to Basics (Required for ALL Providers) Please see note above

Back To Basics - This on-line training includes an introduction and review of the Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment Standards, Agency Qualifications and Enrollment, Relative/ Non-Relative Assessments and Wrap-Around requirements. It also includes an overview of the partnership and collaboration that must exists between a private provider and the county DFCS office. Information on accessing funds appropriately and provider enrollment requirements is discussed. This training is only available as a on-line web training.


Advanced Skills Training (Required for ALL CCFA Assessors, CCFA Supervisors and WA Supervisors) Please see note above

Prerequisite: Back to Basics training

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services establishes contracts with providers to deliver Comprehensive Child and Family Assessments (CCFA) and Wrap-Around services to children and the families of children in foster care. Providers under contract are required to maintain certificates of attendance for Supervisors and for individuals who will complete CCFAs and/or Adolescent Assessments. This one-day presentation will help participants develop an understanding of CCFA standards, tools and goals with a clinical emphasis and develop skills using model assessments. This training also reviews the Psychological Assessment and Wrap-Around components.


Forms & Tools

Support Services Guidelines FY15
Guideline of documentation to be submitted for CCFA/WA enrollment or re-enrollment
Support Services Re-Enrollment Application FY15
Application must be completed and submitted with Enrollment/Re-Enrollment package
Service Delivery Area Form FY15
Regional Selection to be completed by vendor and submitted with Enrollment/Re-Enrollment package
W-9 (New Providers ONLY)
To be completed by vendor and submitted with Enrollment package
Request for New Vendor Form (New Providers ONLY)
Regional Selection to be completed by vendor and submitted with Enrollment package
Organizational Chart Tools FY14-FY15
Includes Organizational Chart instructions, Flow Chart and Table to be completed by licensed professionals only and submitted with Enrollment/Re-Enrollment package and Staff/Subcontractor additions (where applicable)

* Organizational Flow Chart AND Organizational Table are REQUIRED with all enrollment/re-enrollment packet.

Malpractice Face Sheet FY14-FY15
To be completed by licensed professionals only and submitted with Enrollment/Re-Enrollment package and Staff/Subcontractor additions (where applicable)

Immigrations Security Form

Criminal History Form

OIS Clearance
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Cogent email or support requests:
Phone: 1-888-439-2512

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