Emergency Management

The purpose of DFCS Emergency Management unit is to ensure that a viable capability exists to continue essential Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) functions across a wide range of potential emergencies and situations statewide. This unit is designed to cover a wide range of emergency events and /or disasters as an “all hazards” approach to the various types of disasters or events that could affect the state. The State DFCS Director in conjunction with the DFCS State Emergency Management Coordinator (SEMC) will coordinate all aspects of the agency's response operations in the event of an emergency or disaster.


The objectives of this unit include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring the continuous operations of DFCS;
  • Maintaining essential communications;
  • Protecting essential facilities, equipment, records, and other assets;
  • Reducing or mitigating disruptions to daily operations;
  • Reducing loss of life, minimize damage and losses;
  • Facilitating decision-making by leadership for the execution and subsequent conduct of operations;
  • Overseeing state disaster sheltering and mass feeding operations;
  • Achieving a timely and orderly recovery from an emergency or disaster and resumption of the agency’s
    full services; Primary representative for ESF-6 (Mass Care – Sheltering) operations during activations of the State Emergency Operations Center (GEMA SOC)
  • Working with Regional and County Directors’ providing training in emergency management, and sheltering responsibilities.


Numerous after-action reports from major incidents throughout the history of emergency management in our nation have cited communication difficulties among the many responding agencies as a major failing and challenge to policymakers. Therefore the response to a future major incident-either a terrorist attack or natural disaster-would require a coordinated, "interoperable" response by the Nation's public safety, public health, and emergency management community, both public and private, at the Federal, State, tribal, Territorial, regional, and local levels. DFCS works closely with numerous partners when planning for and dealing with these events.

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