Right from the Start Medical Assistance Group

About RSM

The mission of the Right from the Start Medical Assistance Group (RSM) is to enable children under age 19, pregnant women, low income families and women with breast or cervical cancer to receive comprehensive health services through Medicaid and related programs. RSM eligibility specialists help these working and low-income families obtain access to no cost and low-cost health care coverage.

The RSM Group conducts community outreach events throughout Georgia. The RSM staff is available outside the traditional Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. office hours so that work, school and childcare arrangements do not present barriers to service.

RSM Programs and Assistance

The RSM Group provides access to affordable comprehensive health care coverage.

The RSM Project can help with the following:

  • Family Medicaid – no cost health care coverage for children under 19, parents and caretakers of children under certain circumstances, and pregnant women
  • PeachCare for Kids – low-cost health care coverage for children ages 0 through the month if their 19th birthday
  • Women’s Health Medicaid – coverage of breast and cervical cancer treatments for women
  • Emergency Medical Assistance – payment for emergency health care expenses for non-citizens and others who are not eligible for Medicaid
  • Collaborative Programs & Referrals – to other health care programs and related services
  • Outreach – If you are interested in inviting an RSM team to your event to distribute information or to do a presentation to your group, please visit our directory to get the contact information for the RSM team near you.
  • Planning for Healthy Babies - provides no cost family planning services to eligible women in Georgia.

There are 20 RSM teams located across Georgia, based in office settings that are outside of the Division of Family & Children Services locations. RSM staff members play an important role in each local community and work schedules that are convenient for applicants, including hours before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m.

RSM Outreach

If you would like for an RSM specialist to attend or host an event, register applicants for RSM programs, make a presentation to your organization, agency or special group, please email dwilson2@dhs.ga.gov.