Children's Justice Act Task Force (CJATF)

The Children's Justice Act Task Force (CJATF) serves as a multi-disciplinary task force on children's justice. Established as a result of the 2003 CAPTA re-authorization requirement for the state's Children's Justice Act (CJA) grant, the Task Force has an expanded purpose to include: it is also charged with the review and evaluation of the investigative, administrative and judicial handling of child maltreatment-related cases and with making policy and training recommendations for improvement. Its membership is composed of professionals with knowledge and experience relating to the criminal justice system and the issues of child physical abuse, child neglect, child sexual abuse and exploitation, and child maltreatment-related fatalities.

The task force also provides technical support in the administration of the Children's Justice Act grant, including funding recommendations and administrative oversight to promote CJA grant-supported activities/projects that:

  • Reform State systems and improve the process by which States respond to case of abuse and neglect
  • Monitor implementation of Task Force recommendations and supporting interagency collaboration
  • Focus on front-end investigative, administrative, and judicial handling of cases of child abuse and neglect

Activities designed to support primary prevention or treatment services are not supported by CJA. However, grantees may explore collaborating with community-based partners to achieve common goals.

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