Role of Citizen Review Panels (CRPs)

CAPTA Citizen Review Panels

The CAPTA reauthorization of 1996 established citizen review panels as a requirement for all states receiving a CAPTA grant. The purpose of CRP Legislation is to examine the extent to which states are discharging their child protection obligations by examining the policies, procedures and practices of state and local CPS agencies and providing feedback on the effectiveness of the agency's child abuse prevention and treatment strategies in producing the desired child and family outcomes. In addition, the CRP Community is responsible for reviewing state and local CPS agency compliance with the state's CAPTA plan and any other criteria the panel(s) considers important.

CRPs provide a great opportunity for community members to take an active role in Georgia's efforts to protect children from abuse and neglect. Partnering with Georgia DFCS, panel members will identify strategies for child welfare system improvements and thus be an important part of creating a better world for our state's most vulnerable children and families. A Panel can review the state's CAPTA plan, child protection standards, or any topic it considers important to ensure the well-being everyone served by the children welfare system.

CRPs will meet quarterly in their respective district - North Georgia, South Georgia, or Metro Atlanta. 

DFCS Districts Map

The CRPs:

  • are volunteer members.
  • meet quarterly in their respective districts.
  • make recommendations to DFCS for statewide improvements in the state’s child welfare system. 

Help Us Make A Difference!

The Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) has partnered with the University of Georgia to recruit for the Georgia’s CAPTA Citizen Review Panels (CRPs). CRPs partner with state and local children and youth agencies and rely on maintaining respectful and positive relationships with these agencies to complete their work.

We are currently transitioning the work of Georgia’s CAPTA Citizen Review Panels to a district framework; in doing so, we are recruiting new panel members in each of the three DFCS districts.  We are seeking to recruit members who live and work in each DFCS district in the state of Georgia. Volunteer panel members will be professionals with child welfare knowledge and private citizens with an interest in improving Georgia’s child welfare practices and will be asked to serve for 3-year terms, including attending quarterly panel meetings. 

Recruitment period:  March 18, 2024 - April 19, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.  

Printed applications can be downloaded Download this pdf file. here and returned to [email protected].

Please share this information within your networks and/or recommend the names and contact information of individuals you feel would be a good fit for the panels.  Recommendations should be sent to the Estelline Beamon, CAPTA Contracts Specialist, at e[email protected].

What will happen next?

  • Recruitment of Panel Members (March-April 2024)
  • New CRPs are established. (April-May 2024)
  • Orientation and Training of CRPs (May-August 2024)
  • Annual CRP Retreat (August 2024)
  • Quarterly CRP Meetings (two in-person and two virtual meetings; dates to be determined)