Georgia Adam Walsh

Please ensure that you review the information listed below thoroughly to avoid delays in your request being processed. If the instructions are not followed, we are not able to complete your request. Please be advised that we are unable to complete request for substitute caregivers, volunteers, frequent household visitors, and/or individuals providing supervision for visits. If you are seeking a courtesy visit, please contact the local DFCS office to make arrangements.

Download this pdf file. Instructions for Adam Walsh Requests

Download this pdf file. CPS History Request Application

Employment Requests

Please submit all employment request to the following email address for review/processing:

Out-of-State CPS Request

Please review the instructions for the detailed explanation process and additional requirements based on your agency type.

A Child Protective Service (CPS) Screening Request may be submitted by the following:

  1. State & Government agencies
  2. Child Placement Agencies (CPA)
  3. Independent licensed contractors through the court or Government agency
  4. Private attorney
  5. An investigator appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction in this state (e.g., Superior Court of a Georgia County) to investigate a pending petition for adoption
  6. Law Enforcement/Sheriff’s Office

Child Protective Services History

Child Protective Services (CPS) historical information remains in the Georgia SHINES Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System. Obtaining information from this system is governed by O.C.G.A. § Section 49-5-41, which requires DFCS to share information with local, state, or federal government entities that are performing their obligation to protect children from abuse and/or neglect. 

Please submit all questions and requests to g[email protected].