Becoming a Caregiver Training Services Provider

Download this pdf file. Caregiver Training Services Award Notification May 2022

The Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) is the agency responsible for the delivery of health, human/social and related regulatory services for the state of Georgia. The major service divisions within DHS are Aging Services, Child Support Services and Family & Children Services. In partnership with local communities, DHS assists individuals and families in achieving safe, healthy, independent and self-sufficient lives. Please refer to the DHS website at for more information about the agency, its responsibilities/functions and organizational structure, etc.

The Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS) Caregiver Recruitment and Retention Unit (CRRU) is charged with recruiting, retaining and supporting foster, adoptive and kinship caregivers. Since its inception, CRRU has managed the Foster Georgia website, inquiry line and chat feature. In addition, CRRU coordinates statewide recruitment efforts to bring awareness to the need for foster and adoptive parents. To ensure that prospective caregivers are able to advance through the approval process in a timely manner and receive the required continued parent development hours after approval, CRRU seeks to contract with a qualified provider(s) to provide pre-service and post-service training services. 

The initial term of the contract(s) shall be from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023. The state entity shall possess four (4) one (1) year option(s) to renew, which shall be exercisable at the sole discretion of the state entity.

Minimum Requirements
To have its proposal considered pursuant to this Download this doc file. Statement of Need , a Supplier must meet the following minimum qualification:
1. Have experience in providing training services to foster, adoptive and/or kinship caregivers 

If you require any additional information about becoming a Caregiver Training Services Provider, email [email protected].