Title V Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

Title V State Abstinence Education Grant Program

The Georgia Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS) administers the Title V Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Grant Program, which is supported by federal funds from the Administration for Children & Families, Family & Youth Services Bureau. The purpose of this grant program is to support decisions to abstain from sexual activity by providing abstinence programming as defined by Section 510(b) of the Social Security Act. 


Title V Sexual Risk Avoidance Education at

Georgia’s Sexual Risk Avoidance and Youth Development Program awards contracts to public and nonprofit agencies to provide abstinence education within a positive youth development framework. Contractors implement DFCS approved, A-H compliant abstinence curriculum. Contractors also promote asset development and encourage healthy lifestyle choices by providing supplemental youth development activities. The target population for the program are youth ages 10-20 years old, who live in geographic locations with high teen pregnancy and birth rates, live in economically disadvantaged communities, are in foster care or are involved with the juvenile court. 

Title V Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Grant Program Goals

  • Reduce adolescent sexual activity, pregnancies, births, repeat births, and sexually transmitted diseases & infections.
  • Increase the use of abstinence education as the best health message for adolescents by initiating after-school, school-based, or community-based positive youth development programs.

Additionally, Georgia’s Sexual Risk Avoidance and Youth Development Program promotes sexual risk avoidance as the optimal health message by providing statewide and local trainings, youth development and educational resources to youth-serving professionals.  The program also sponsors middle and high school assemblies across the state on the benefits of abstaining from teen sexual activity and targets 1,000 youth statewide to attend the annual youth summit. Georgia’s Abstinence Education Program also incorporates elements of the state’s Afterschool & Youth Development Quality Standards in the programming offered.

Georgia Afterschool & Youth Development Quality Standards

  • Quality Element 1: Programming & Youth Development
  • Quality Element 2: Linkages with the School Day
  • Quality Element 3: Environment & Climate
  • Quality Element 4: Relationships
  • Quality Element 5: Health & Well Being
  • Quality Element 6: Staffing & Professional Development
  • Quality Element 7: Organizational Practices
  • Quality Element 8: Evaluation & Outcomes
  • Quality Element 9: Family & Community Partnerships