Accepting Applications for Georgia Parent Advisory Council

We are inviting applications from parents who have a strong interest in joining the Georgia Parent Advisory Council. The council will work with the Prevention and Community Support Section (PCS) within the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) to help expand meaningful partnerships between parents and staff throughout the system. PCS is committed to promoting the voices of parents throughout its work to strengthen families, engage communities in child maltreatment and adolescent pregnancy prevention strategies and reduce the need for out-of-home placement of Georgia’s children.

National Parent Leadership Month

February is National Parent Leadership Month which highlights the many opportunities available for parents, staff, policymakers and other community members to engage in partnerships with the goal of building and supporting strong, safe families.


The roles of the Georgia Parent Advisory Council members are to:

  • Advise PCS about prevention strategies provided in the community to families before they interact with the child welfare system.
  • Serve as a representative voice for parents in promoting positive changes in services and practices that strengthen families and help keep them safely together.
  • Advise PCS on developing meaningful roles in various department service areas.
  • Develop resources to assist PCS staff in creating supportive, strengths-based strategies in their work with parents and families.
  • Promote and support the implementation of the protective factors framework.
  • Serve in various other roles based on the emerging needs of DCFS and PCS such as co-trainers, public speakers, reviewers of funding proposals, contributors to written materials.

Application Process

We are inviting nominations of interested parents who have had prior involvement in the child welfare system or experiences using community-based prevention services. If involved with the child welfare system, their case must be closed a minimum of 8–12 months. If applicable, parents in recovery must be sober for at least 12 months prior to applying.

All candidates must complete an application form. Applications may be submitted online at or in writing to the Program Specialist.

If you need an application form for a parent you wish to nominate or have any questions, please contact Lindsey Dale, Program Specialist at [email protected].

Georgia Family Support Network

Across the country, Family Support and Strengthening organizations work with families in a multigenerational, family-centered approach to enhance parenting skills, foster the healthy development and well-being of children, youth, and families, prevent child abuse, increase school readiness, connect families to resources, develop parent and community leadership, engage males and fathers, support healthy marital and couples relationships, and promote family economic success.

Founded in 2011, the National Family Support Network (NFSN) is a membership-based organization comprised of state networks of two or more Family Support and Strengthening programs, such as Family Resource Centers, working together within a collective impact framework to ensure coordinated quality support for families. As the United States’ coordinating body for Family Strengthening & Support networks, the NFSN currently has 29 member networks, comprised of more than 3,000 Family Support and Strengthening organizations, representing the great geographical and demographic diversity of the nation. In 2018, the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services’ Prevention and Community Support Section launched the Georgia Family Support Network (GFSN) becoming one of the newest states in the NFSN.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Georgia Family Support Network is a state in which every family is thriving and has access to a strong and effective family support and strengthening network.

Mission Statement

The mission of the GFSN is to leverage state, county and community networks to strengthen practices and policies that champion quality family support.


  1. Georgia network members are connected and supported to enhance their effectiveness.
  2. Family Support best practices are fully implemented across Georgia.
  3. The value and impact of the state Family Support and Strengthening network is highly visible and leads to increased support for families in Georgia.


  1. Increase the number of organizations implementing the national Family Support and Strengthening Standards.
  2. Increase the number of local and state policy makers, funders and communities who understand the value and impact of the Family Support Network and are investing or directing resources to organizations implementing the national standards.
  3. Increase the number of families who are supported by high quality Family Support programs and services.
  • Current Members of the Georgia Family Support Network
    • Georgia Division of Family and Children Services – Prevention and Community Support Section – GFSN State Lead
    • Prevent Child Abuse Georgia
    • Strengthening Families Georgia
    • Georgia Family Connection Partnership
    • Exchange Club Family Resource Center
    • Family Resource Center of Northeast Georgia (PCA Habersham)
    • Family Resource Center of Gordon County
    • Advocates for Bartow’s Children
    • Rome - Floyd County Commission on Children and Youth: A Family Connection Collaborative/Restoration Rome
    • Prevent Child Abuse Athens
    • Lumpkin County Family Connection Collaborative
    • Sheltering Arms • HEARTS for Families, Inc.
    • United Way of Greater Atlanta
    • Rabun County Family Connection Collaborative
    • Compassion House, Inc.
    • Community Partnership of Elbert County
    • Capstone Counseling and Coaching
    • Wilkes County Community Partnership, Inc.
    • Forsyth County Community Connection (Family Connection Collaborative)
    • Children Anointed, LLC

For more information about the GFSN or to become a member, please contact: Laura Griggs or Deborah Chosewood.