Educational Programming, Assessment and Consultation (EPAC)

The Educational Programming, Assessment and Consultation (EPAC) services program is located within the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services’ (DFCS) Well-Being Services Section—Community Programs Unit. EPAC’s primary mission is to improve the reading and math abilities of school-aged children ages five to 18 while also improving educational stability for all children and youth in the custody of DFCS. In an effort to support the Division’s broader goal of being a resource to families by promoting self-sufficiency and independence, EPAC provides academic support programming that focuses on improving the academic outcomes and achievements of children and youth who are currently in DFCS custody.

EPAC works collaboratively with other state agencies to ensure that the educational well-being of children and youth in foster care is met. EPAC provides diagnostic educational assessments, tutorial services, connection to community-based educational support, and coordinates the procurement of educational services.

EPAC provides the following services to youth in foster care:

  • Diagnostic Educational Assessments: Youth referred for EPAC services receive a diagnostic educational assessment provided by a certified teacher or EPAC staff member in the subjects of math and reading.
  • Educational Consultation to Case Managers: Education Support Monitors (ESM) consult with Case Managers to develop an education Action Plan based on the results of the Diagnostic Education Assessment.
  • Tutorial Services: Remediation and/or support services are provided by an EPAC Education Specialist (who is also a certified teacher). Read more about how a certified teacher can become an EPAC Education Specialist.
  • School System Partnership and Support to Youth: EPAC partners closely with the Georgia Department of Education and other local education agencies and school systems to ensure that the appropriate academic services are provided to youth in foster care. Additionally, EPAC ESMs advocate for youth to receive quality academic services and monitoring.
  • Educational Service Monitoring of Child Caring Institutions: EPAC provides additional monitoring of the academic support services provided by Child Caring Institutions and group homes.