Georgia Center for Resources & Support

The Georgia Center for Resources & Support is available to assist families in locating needed resources. All adoptive families living in Georgia are invited to join the GACRS forever family Facebook group: The Adoptive Family Journey. This group allows adoptive parents to connect, share, and learn from others about their adoptive family journey. Within the group, families are encouraged to discuss interests and concerns about parenting an adopted child or children. To join, visit the GACRS Facebook page or the GACRS website.

The GACRS website provides a variety of information and resources for adoptive and foster parents, such as:

  • Directory of resources available in Georgia for adoptive and foster parents
  • Calendar of upcoming trainings and events that are available throughout Georgia
  • Virtual certificate trainings
  • Online access to the GACRS lending library which allows parents to request books, articles, and DVDs by e-mail or phone

Regional Resource Advisors are available throughout Georgia to assist adoptive families by providing advice, support and training. Resource Advisors and GACRS staff can be reached through email or by phone. Parents need to provide their name, county of residence, and contact information and a Resource Advisor will respond.