About Citizen Review Panels

CAPTA Citizen Review Panels

The CAPTA reauthorization of 1996 established citizen review panels as a requirement for all states receiving a CAPTA grant. The purpose of CRP Legislation is to examine the extent to which states are discharging their child protection obligations by examining the policies, procedures and practices of state and local CPS agencies and providing feedback on the effectiveness of the agency's child abuse prevention and treatment strategies in producing the desired child and family outcomes. In addition, the CRP Community is responsible for reviewing state and local CPS agency compliance with the state's CAPTA plan and any other criteria the panel(s) considers important.

Georgia's CAPTA Panel Program

Georgia designated three existing entities to serve as its CAPTA Panels:

  • Child Protective Services Advisory Committee (CPSAC)
  • Children's Justice Act Task Force (CJATF)
  • Child Fatality Review Panel (CFRP)

All three of Georgia's CAPTA Panels have a statewide approach to examining systemic issues that impact the effectiveness of the state's child protection system identifying opportunities to reform state systems to improve the processes by which Georgia's child welfare system and communities respond to cases of child abuse and neglect.

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