Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this kind of Medicaid, the recipient of coverage must be either pregnant or under the age of 19. They must also meet the following criteria:

  • Citizenship – Must be a United States citizen or certain lawfully admitted alien. If the applicant is not a citizen, he or she may apply for assistance with medical bills incurred for an emergency. See Emergency Medical Assistance for more details.
  • Residency – Must be currently living in Georgia. Medicaid benefits are not transferable from state to state.
  • Income Eligibility– To determine income eligibility, specialists look at age of applicant, family size, family income, pregnancy status and the federal poverty level. These elements of consideration are used to determine how much money - at or above the federal poverty level - the applicant may be able to receive without exceeding the program’s income limitations.

    RSM specialists look at a customer’s gross pay wages as well as other forms of income such as unemployment and child support. However, other personal assets (i.e. car, home, property, etc.) are not assessed.

    An applicant’s allowable income may be adjusted depending upon deductions the applicant may or may not qualify for.

To see a list of services Medicaid covers, visit the Department of Community Health Web site.