Energy Assistance Program Overview

This financial assistance will be primarily in the form of locally issued checks to home-energy suppliers on behalf of eligible households.

The amount of assistance to both homeowners and non-subsidized renters who receive a bill for their fuel cost will be either $310 or $350 while funds are available. Eligibility will depend on the projected total gross annual household income and the household size.

Subsidized housing tenants whose fuel cost is included in their rental payment are ineligible to receive assistance. These households are considered to be the least vulnerable for home energy assistance.

Energy Assistance programs are typically provided through local community action agencies serving all Georgia counties. To apply, contact your local non-profit community-action agency or call the Department of Human Services toll-free 1-877-423-4746 or 404-656-2323 in the Atlanta metro area to get the local contact number in your county.

See the website for agencies administering this program and contact information. See our "How to Apply" page for exceptions.

After the program starts, if funds are not available when you inquire, ask to be placed on a waiting list. Waiting lists are not allowed before the program opens.