Afterschool Services

Enriching the lives of children and teens across Georgia through out-of-school programs


The Afterschool Care Program falls under the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) Collaborative Services Section, Community Programs Unit. Toward its aim to support DFCS’ broader goal of being a resource to families by promoting self-sufficiency and independence, the Afterschool Care Program provides federal funding to non-profit organizations and public agencies that serve youth and families during the time children spend out-of-school. 

The mission of the Afterschool Care Program is to provide resources to youth-serving organizations within Georgia that serve families within low to moderate income communities as well as the foster care system. The vision of the Afterschool Care Program is to ensure that every child has access to high-quality youth development programming within his or her community. Academic attainment and an enhanced well-being through positive youth development services are key factors in ensuring that youth successfully transition into young adulthood, particularly youth of economically disadvantaged communities. By providing funding through a Statement of Need (SoN) solicitation process, DFCS partners with community-based organizations and public agencies to provide services to youth and their families.

The goals of the DFCS Afterschool Care Program are to:

  • Strengthen youth-serving organizations and institutions by providing funding that increases their capacity to design, implement, and sustain quality youth development programs and services;
  • Provide opportunities for youth to establish positive relationships with their peers and caring adults during traditional non-school day hours, and;
  • Provide technical assistance to organizations and agencies as they implement services and activities that support the overall well-being of youth as they prepare for, and transition into, young adulthood.