Child Protective Services Advisory Committee (CPSAC)


Every child will live in a safe and nurturing home, and every family will have the community-based supports and services they need to provide safe and nurturing homes for their children.

Georgia's Child Protective Services Advisory Committee (CPSAC) was established originally as an advisory group to the state's Child Protective Services Unit of the Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Family and Children Services (Division). Re-configured in 2006 to serve as a CAPTA CRP, the CPSAC is composed of dynamic and committed individuals with diverse backgrounds, expertise and experience who have a special interest in the prevention of child abuse and neglect and whose primary concern is the safety and well-being of Georgia's children and youth.


To work in partnership with Georgia's child welfare system to ensure that every effort is made to preserve, support and strengthen families and, when intervention is necessary to ensure the safety of children, that they and their families are treated with dignity, respect and care.

Download this pdf file. 2022 CPSAC Members