SNAP Works Program

Georgia Food Stamp Employment & Training (E&T) Program

  • Food stamp recipients who are interested in finding a job can decide to volunteer to participate in the SNAP Works Program.
  • This voluntary program helps food stamp recipients the job skills, training or experience needed to find gainful employment.

SNAP Works Program Activities
Georgia’s SNAP Works Program offers job search, job skills training, GED, vocational training for specific jobs and work experience (a short-term unpaid work assignment) through partnerships with community-based organizations and educational institutions.

Support Services
SNAP Works participants may receive work support which may include transportation and incidentals. These funds are available for necessities required for participation in an approved and assigned educational or training activity.

The SNAP Works Program Goals
SNAP Works Program’s goal is to help all food stamp recipients who are unemployed or underemployed with getting a job that eliminates their dependency on food stamps. Training opportunities are in a variety of fields from health care and manufacturing, to teaching and welding. The Program’s success is measured by helping Georgia families get the skills, training and work experience they need to build lives that are not reliant on public assistance programs.

If you are interested in volunteering to participate in the SNAP Works Program, please contact the SNAP Works Program at or contact your local DFCS Office.

Additional information about SNAP Works: 

Download this pdf file. SNAP Works Program Flyer (English)

Download this pdf file. SNAP Works Program Flyer (Spanish)