Becoming a Child Life History Provider

The Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) is the agency responsible for the delivery of health, human/social and related regulatory services for the state of Georgia. The major service divisions within DHS are Aging Services, Child Support Services and Family and Children Services. In partnership with local communities, DHS assists individuals and families in achieving safe, healthy, independent, and self-sufficient lives. Many DHS programs have seen record numbers of enrollment in this recent economic downturn. Please refer to DHS website at for more information about the Department, its responsibilities/functions and organizational structure etc.

The Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS), State Adoption Unit is charged with promoting, developing, and supporting quality adoption services for Georgia’s children and adoption families.  Over the years, the unit has impacted the number of children adopted through; (a) Increased adoptive placements of children who were in the custody of DHS; and (b) Increased collaboration with non-profit and for-profit organizations to serve children and families with adoption services.

The Department of Human Services, State Adoption Unit is requesting proposals to plan, manage, and implement a statewide Child Life History program from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022. The Child Life History plays a critical role in moving the child to adoption. The Child Life History provides the adopting parents with detailed information, which is critical in helping them to make their decision to adopt a child. 

Minimum Requirements

To have its proposal considered pursuant to this Statement of Need, a Supplier must describe how it will manage a comprehensive program for receiving and completing referrals for child life history studies by providing:

  1. A method for providing the Child Life History and Child Life History Narrative to local County Department of Family and Children Services offices within 55 days of receipt of referral for a Child Life History.
  2. A description of its capacity to receive and monitor child life history referrals and studies.
  3. A method to review and verify that child life history studies are completed per Adoption Policy 11.5 (CLH).
  4. A method for quality assurance.
  5. Procedures to communicate with local County Department of Family and Children Services Offices, Caregivers, and DFCS Adoption Unit.

Becoming a Child Life History Provider - Related Files

  1. Download this doc file. CLH Statement of Need (SoN)
  2. Download this doc file. CLH Provider Qualifications profile
  3. Download this doc file. Attachment A (contract requirements)
  4. Download this xls file. Attachment B – Rate sheet/Invoice FY22
  5. Download this xls file. Attachment C – Org chart
  6. Download this pdf file. Business Assoc. agreement
  7. Download this doc file. Corp Resolution
  8. Download this doc file. Security/Immigration
  9. Download this doc file. Tax Compliance
  10. Download this pdf file. Vendor Management
  11. Download this pdf file. W-9
  12. Download this pdf file. Child Life History Application Questions
  13. Download this doc file. Child Life History Contract Award

If you require any additional information about becoming an Adoption Service Provider, please email [email protected].