Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is the monthly cash assistance program, with an employment services component, for low-income families with children under age 18, and children age 18 and attending school full-time. Cooperation with the Georgia Department of Human Services, Division of Child Support Services, is a requirement of receiving TANF benefits unless good cause can be established.

Read more about Electronic Benefits Transfer requirements regarding Georgia’s EPPICard.

How to apply for TANF

Print an application and fill out as much information as possible and mail the paper application to your local DFCS office (a link to Georgia's Voter Registration Application is also included below).

TANF in other languages


نموذج تسجيل الناخبين في جورجيا


Prijava za registraciju glasača u državi Džordžija 


ဂျော်ဂျီယာပြည်နယ်မှ မဲပေးသူများ မှတ်ပုံတင်ရန် လျှောက်လွှာ




درخواست ثبت نام رای دهنده جورجیا


Demande d'inscription d'électeur de Georgia


જ્યોર્જિયાની મતદાર નોંધણી એપ્લિકેશન

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जॉर्जिया का मतदाता पंजीकरण आवेदन




조지아주의 투표인 등록 신청


जर्जियाको भोटर रजिष्ट्रेशन आवेदन


 Solicitação de registro de votante de Georgia



Регистрация заявления избирателя штата Джорджии


Tiếng Việt  

Đơn Đăng ký Cử tri Georgi

Log on to https://gateway.ga.gov  and select “Apply for Benefits.” Hours available to apply are Monday-Friday 5 a.m. – midnight, excluding weekends and holidays.

By Phone:
Telephone applications may be submitted by calling the Customer Contact Center at (877) 423-4746.

An application is considered filed when it is received by DFCS and has

  • the name of the head of household,
  • address,
  • date, and
  • signature of the head of household or another household member

DFCS Reasonable Modifications and Communication Assistance Request Form for Persons with Disabilities
Do you have a disability and need a reasonable modification or communication assistance to access DFCS services? Click here to request a reasonable modification, communication assistance, or extra help.

TANF Benefit Renewal

All benefits recipients are required to undergo periodic review of continued program eligibility. A renewal form and any required accompanying verification can be submitted in Georgia Gateway or by using Form 508 – the FOOD STAMP/MEDICAID/TANF Renewal Form. 

Download this pdf file. English
Download this pdf file. English Large Print  and Georgia’s Voter Registration Application

Download this pdf file. Español
Download this pdf file. Español - Letra grande  y Sistema de registro de votantes de Georgia

Additional Voter Registration Information:

Register Online: To apply to register to vote where you live now, select the following link to access Georgia’s Online Voter Registration System or visit registertovote.sos.ga.gov

Print an application: To apply to register to vote where you live now, you may print an application by selecting the following link to access Georgia’s Voter Registration Application or visit sos.ga.gov/index.php/Elections/register_to_vote

If you want a Georgia Voter Registration application mailed to you, you may call the Georgia Secretary of State’s office at 404-656-2871, call DFCS’ Customer Contact Center at 877-423-4746, or visit sos.ga.gov/index.php/Elections/register_to_vote


If you have questions about your TANF case, contact your caseworker directly. Caseworker information can be found at the top right corner of any notice received from the agency.  If you have not received a notice, please call the Customer Contact Center Toll-Free at (877) 423-4746.


Virtual Lobby Resources

Download this pdf file. Domestic Violence

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

Download this pdf file. Notice of Free Interpretation Services